The first of many…

So this is a new venture from me in a combined attempt with me streaming to enjoy games more than i have been of late, so combined with the streams i am going to make a catalog of entries here with my thoughts and feelings of the games i am playing.

Thrown into the mix will also be my own personal thoughts on the films i see and books i am reading at the time as well, along with my unhealthy hobby of mechanical keyboards (seriously just ask anyone who has in interest in them). So over the next week should see some posts concerning the recent Venom film from Sony and Marvel, my thoughts on Tom Clancy’s: The Division and an insight into what I’m currently reading/just finished reading as i read far to fast according to my partner and there is a high chance i would of finished the book before i make the post.

To anyone who stops by to have a look i thank you, you have more patience than me.
If you want to follow this blog then you are most welcome, also you can find links to my social media sites and streaming profiles on the site as well, you are more than welcome to hurl abuse at me while i stream if you like or just sit watch and laugh silently to yourself, I don’t mind either way.

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