From Midkemia to Kelewan

Recently i have found myself reading a lot more than is usual, and for one who reads a fair amount that is quite an amount to find myself reading. In the last 3 weeks i have read 5 books and I am part way through my 6th. Now this isn’t because i am reading short stories or children’s books, I am in fact reading Raymond E Feist’s works. Again.

I will point out i have read most if not all of his books more than once so far with the only exception being his latest release from this year, which i have only read once to date. This all started when i actually finished his latest book, King of Ashes which was released in April of this year and which i read in September. When i had finished it i was left with a sense of wanting more, which any good book which has a follow on should leave you feeling, but seeing as the next book isn’t out yet i was left with a void to fill. I tried to fill it with some other books that are similar in style but they didn’t have the scope i was looking for, the expansiveness that his worlds convey, so the only option i could think of was to re-read the books i have read so many times before and so i started back at the beginning with the Riftwar Saga and the book Magician.

riftwar saga

These three books, Magician, Silverthorn and A Darkness At Sethanon are some of my most read books by far. They have everything you could want in a fantasy novel, Magic, Kingdoms, War, Love, Loss and a fantastic sense of being there. I find that there are VERY few weak characters in the large lineup of colourful individuals that make up the cast across the three books mentioned above, not to mention the world hopping between two main worlds call Midkemia and Kelewan.

Magician starts out with you following the story of a kitchen boy called Pug who was an orphan of a place called Crydee which is part of the Kingdom of the Isles which makes up for main part of the world of Midkemia. This then changes at a point in the story and you hop over to the world of Kelewan where its much different from Midkemia, where as Midkemia is quite medieval set i feel as if the world of Kelewan is more feudal Japan/Chinese dynasty kind of era, though the differing worlds are vastly different it does mean it aides in adding to the interaction of the characters between worlds and makes for a lively cast. Some of my favourites continue past the story contained with these three volumes and move forward into the bigger picture that Feist has put into this whole shebang, because the best thing about this series( and worst) is that it in total spans over roughly 20 books, all broken down into there own segments and sagas.

Stories span generations, worlds and universes, most of the cast changes between saga’s for reasons such as age, death and the sheer timeline and scope that’s at play here, but you do get some figureheads that are around from the start and you get to follow the generations of the families as responsibilities are passed down generation to generation. Events span for the main part over 150+ years and many generations of family’s but the whole scope is roughly 750 years of events that impact these 150 told throughout the 20+ strong full story line. With so much going on and so many stories to follow and get stuck into you will never find your self without a book to read that’s for sure.If you love Fantasy an Sci-Fi then i would HIGHLY recommend that you check out this series, even if you only get as far as A Darkness At Sethanon and don’t read any of the further works you will have still read one of the best fantasy saga’s written in my opinion, also i would very much recommend checking out his new work King of Ashes as well.

You can find links to the books on Amazon or Waterstones below:

Magician: Waterstones / Amazon
Silverthorn: Waterstones / Amazon
A Darkness At Sethanon: Waterstones / Amazon

King of Ashes: Waterstones / Amazon

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