A few things.

So this is going to be a relatively short post with a few things to come from it leading into the future. So here is a short list i can fill out the details from later.

  1. Almost anyone who visits this page will be unaware that i am in fact planning to run a 10k obstacle run in September for charity. I will be making a post about this quite soon.
  2. I also plan on doing a charity 24h live stream on twitch, this will include a few things, from me building a keyboard live on twitch to playing games with friends and solo.
  3. I have never played the Assassins Creed games so i am going to start live streaming those as soon as my PC is built which should be within 2 weeks, more news on that soon.
  4. I am going to be building my PC in the next couple of weeks which will include a new desk layout so look out for information on that too as i will be making a post showcasing everything i have on my desk and where you can get the same or similar.
  5. I am going to start a reading list for people to follow on goodreads.

The first of many…

So this is a new venture from me in a combined attempt with me streaming to enjoy games more than i have been of late, so combined with the streams i am going to make a catalog of entries here with my thoughts and feelings of the games i am playing. more “The first of many…”